Belle Spaghetti Soaps x6

Belle Spaghetti Soaps x6

Whoever said hand washing is boring clearly hasn’t tried our spaghetti soap! Use to encourage little hands to keep squeaky clean in a multitude of ways: try a few strands in the sink for hand washing, or sprinkle some in the bath for extra sensory play. You can swish under running water for some fragrant bubbles or get creative with some new bath games (our own kids love playing ‘spaghetti hunt’ with their soap strands in bath bomb water!).


No kids? No problem! Our spaghetti soap is great for those kids at heart too 😉 Try using in a shower loofah for a bubbly cleanse.


Scented similar to 'La Vie Est Belle' perfume, matching the rest of our Belle range.


Vegan friendly.


RRP £3.99 approx.


150g estimated each.