Bundle of the Month
  • Bundle of the Month

    Introducing our very first Bundle of the Month! Our new Bundles of the Month include a set selection of goods, tailored to the time of year, at a discounted price!
    Januarys bundle is packed full of handmade bath treats suited for Valentine’s Day, and even Mother’s Day should you have any extras left over.
    The total value of these products bought separately would total £121.59, meaning at our sale price of just £100, you have over £20 worth of free products!
    This bundle includes the following:
    6 Lovey Dovey
    6 Love Bug
    6 Lover Birds
    6 Flower Power
    6 Parma Passion
    6 Lavender Breeze hearts
    6 Baby Powder hearts
    6 Daisy Chain hearts
    6 Belle hearts
    6 Oceana hearts 
    1kg dust x2 (2 different scents chosen at random)
    Please note this is a set bundle and we cannot swap any items for those listed above. 
    Optional ingredient labels are basic and unbranded (no Bath Bomb Bliss logo or website), but includes all the ingredient, allergen and other legal requirements ready for selling. 
      £121.56 Regular Price
      £100.00Sale Price