Custom Gift Bundle

Custom Gift Bundle

Choose any 3 large bath bombs, 2 bath bomb stars and 2 love heart bath bombs in this personalised gift set. Add a Christmas card with your order message at no extra cost!

All items will be housed in our festive gift box and matching inner packaging.



We will not include your order invoice within any gift box purchases, so the recipient doesn't see the pricing details. You will however receive a copy of your invoice via your order confirmation email.

If you would like your gift posted directly to the recipient, please ensure the shipping address and name is correct at checkout.

If you purchase additional items, they will all be sent within the same box to the delivery address entered at checkout. We cannot split an order and send parts to multiple addresses - you will need to order the extra items separately if multiple shipping destinations are desired for different items in your cart.

If extra items are ordered, they will be boxed together and therefore may not match the picture above exactly.