Is there a minimum spend requirement?

Yes, £50 on products only, with postage costs to be added on top (so £62 total). Any orders placed below this amount will not be processed; we'll instead contact you to see if you'd like to increase your order size, or offer you a refund.

How much is postage?

£12 flat rate on all UK Mainland orders, £20 flat rate for all offshore orders.

Are your products wrapped?

Yes, all products come individually shrink wrapped in recyclable polyolefin shrink film as standard.

Do the products come labelled?

We do not label each of the products ourselves. Instead, you have the option when buying to choose 'with labels' or 'without labels' to best suit your selling platform. With labels = you will receive ingredient labels for each product in your selection, ready for you to attach when needed. We keep these as basic as possible and do not add our logo or website link to these, only the minimum legally required information such as ingredients and allergens. By using these labels, you do not need to add anything extra and you are ready to sell. You may choose however to add your business logo sticker onto the product elsewhere or to any extra gift bags. Without labels = no labels will be provided. It is your responsibility to meet with the legal labelling requirements. You can choose to make your own labels by following the below guide:

Are your product assessed and insured?

Yes! We're proud to say we do everything by the book. Each and every product has passed Cosmetic Product Safety Assessment by a qualified Cosmetic Chemist, and also uploaded to the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal. Both of which are legal requirements when selling cosmetics. We also hold full insurance including product and public liabilty.

Do I need insurance to sell? Is there anything else I need?

Although we hold all relevant assessments and insurances, we still recommend you obtain your own public liability insurance also. The majority of any issues that could arise, would fall back on us, however, there are also those tricky situations that we sadly may not be able to help with. For example, you are at a market selling our products on your stall. A customer trips on your table leg and decides to take it legally. As there is nothing at fault here with our products, we wouldn't be able to help. This is where your own insurance would step in. It's also handy for if you are holding stock and should anything damage your stock (flood/fire/theft), your insurance can help you recover this.

Are your bath bombs suitable for sensitive skin, children or pregnancy?

Although we formulate our products to be as gentle as possible, we cannot guarentee the entire range would be suitbale for every single person. You should never advertise a product as safe for certain skin conditions, babies or pregnancy, unless the product has had significant extra testing for such. To advertise as safe for eczema for example, requires a lot of proof on such and crosses more over into the medical field, where the regulations are a whole different ball game! For sensitive skin, we're proud to say we've had great feedback from users and no negative reviews on such so far. We use the gentler SLSA to create a soft, bubbly foam in our priducts, as oppose to harsher and cheaper alternatives on the market, and include sweet almond oil and cocoa butter for extra moisture. For pregnancy, most are concerned about the effects of essential oils, but we can confirm we do not use these in our range. Myself and many customers have used the products throughout pregnancy, but we suggest to show the ingredients list to your midwife for further clarification. For children, we recommend for ages 3 years +, as again, to legally be able to advertise on an age younger than this, we would have to have significant extra testing for such. Regardless the situation, we always recommend looking into the ingredients list and showing to any healthcare professional if concerned, as each and every person is different, so what one person may find suitable, another may not, and vice versa.

I forgot something, can I add to my current order?

Unfortunately, we have had to remove the add on option due to demand. Too many people have been placing multiple add ons at a time which is massively delaying our production and increasing the lead time. If you need extra stock, you will have to place a new order where the minumum spend applies as well as another postal charge. IF we can bundle them together, we will and will reimburse you the extra postal charge by including free goods.

I'm local, can I collect?

Yes, you're welcome to collect your order instead, if you're local to us in Washington. Simply select the store collection option at checkout and we will contact you when it's ready. Our collection address is: Unit 7 NEP Business Park, Stratford Road, Washington, NE38 8QP. (just passed Teal Farm) COVID-19 update: We are still accepting collections, however we are limiting these by only allowing one collection at a time. Of course, social distancing measures are in place and we ask if you could please wear a mask during your collection, do not come for collection if you are showing any symptoms, and be sure to cleanse your hands before and after collectng.

What is your RRP?

This varies greatly depending on your area, customer base, selling platforms and local competition, so this is just a guide. You are of course welcome to sell at any price you think best suits your business. Trial and error will play a big part here, maybe start with our suggested pricing below and then alter as you see fit. Special offers are always a great option to help not only save your customers money, but to add extra excitement to your store. We advise the following: Large discs: £3.99 each Love Hearts: £2.50 each Stars: £2.99 each Dust Pots: £1.99 each Bulk dust is too hard to say, as it greatly depends on how you are repackaging these and at what weight.

I want to try some samples first before trying wholesale, can you send me some?

We do not currently give out samples or have any sample boxes in place. We do however have our retail site where you can buy in singles the ones you like the look of the most.

Are your prices including VAT?

Yes, all prices are shown with VAT, so there is no extra shocks at checkout. The checkout, will show VAT separately, however, that is simply the default layout, the VAT is included in the advertised price. Our VAT number is: 360 2013 54)

Where do you ship to?

We ship to England, Wales and Scotland. We do not ship to Northern Ireland due to Brexit requirements.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes! We have recently introduced a new 'buy now, pay later' style option at checkout to help manage your cash flow. You can read all about this here:

Where can I sell the products?

You are welcome to sell our products on your websites, social media, shops, and so on as you see fit, but you can only sell to customers residing in the UK. This excludes Northern Ireland due to new Brexit rules.

I've placed my order, when will I receive?

Please check the lead time at time of purchase. This is located on our home page, at checkout and in your order confirmation email. Currently, we have an approx 4 week lead time. This means you will receive your order approximately 4 weeks from the date you placed your order. If you check what date you ordered, then count 4 weeks from then. You will receive around this date. Please bare in mind, we cannot ship goods on weekend or bank holidays so this will affect your receival should it land on these days.

Wholesale FAQs

Find all of our wholesale frequently asked questions here. Still need help? Feel free to contact us with your query, we’re always happy to help.

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